Knostix, OPC

Consultancy, Technology, Learning 

About our Brand - Knostix

Knostix (nos-tiks) is based on the Greek work gnostikos which means knowing or able to discern.  Knostix, in or own definition, are people in the know and a perfect brand name as our company looks forward to the new horizon at the start of our third decade in the business.

About us

From Integras, PinoyCloud, PinoyApps, and now Knostix

We started in 2005 as Integra Solutions and Service Provider, providing Information Technology managed services and Technology design consultancy in the first ten years. We closed our first decade expanding to application development offered as PinoyCloud.Net and eventually re-branded as software as a service (SAAS).

At the start of our second decade, we sunset old brands and expanded into Human Resources consulting and teaching, keeping our Technology consulting. We close our second decade with a new pivot and a new brand name — Knostix.

Our Services

Advisory & Consultancy

With our company as your strategic HR partner, you can focus on developing your products and services and leave your HR concerns to us.

We will help you to on how to utilize your information technology to optimally achieve your business goals.

HRIS helps businesses streamline their employee-related information such as Employee Personal Information, Job Information, Payroll, Recruitment, Time and Attendance

A service where learning content is collaboratively produced, reviewed and deployed using an online Learning Management Platform as a central tool.

We provide the tools to help your school to the future

Is a two-part personal, professional and team development experience that believes behind every successful company is a healthy organization, where employees are motivated and contributing. 

We provide you on how to utilize the LMS Technology to optimize your learner to achieve there full potentials


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